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Light and Shadow

Animal Memorial Portraits

Cremation ashes are transformed into a traditional portrait in memory of your loved one


Lorena E.

Ian's ability to turn loss into something new and beautiful is nothing short of inspiring. I am truly pleased with the extraordinary portrait he has crafted, capturing the essence of Harlie Joe with such depth and authenticity.
Through his exceptional talent and compassion, Ian transformed my grief into a remarkable work of art using Harlie Joe's ashes. This unique gift has brought me solace and joy, honoring the memory of my beloved companion in a truly special way.
Thank you, Ian, for your incredible artistry and the meaningful legacy you have created from my grief and love for Harlie Joe.

Lacey B.

We commissioned Ian to create a special portrait of our sweet Bentley dog that has left his body on earth. It was an extremely cathartic experience.
Ian is not only a delightful human, he is also so thoughtful, gentle, and intentional with the entire process. The portrait is proudly displayed on our mantle. It brings us so much joy and evokes loving memories of our Bentley boo.
He captured his spirit perfectly.

Stacy J.

When I reached out to Ian, he presented his masterpiece to us in our home and the unveiling brought tears to my eyes.
It was stunningly beautiful and I was surprised at how precisely he drew my favorite picture of Emily in such detail (so much that I thought he had photocopied it because it looked so perfect).  Emily will now always be with us, looking over us.
Thank you Ian for putting your love into Emily and making our memory of her so special.


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