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The Bouquet Project

Credibility and intention: Visual artist and Certified Grief Counsellor to work with individuals who have suffered loss to create an art piece that symbolizes their growth through loss. Express the transformational symbolism of art with the fundamental elements of healing through grief.


Focal points of the process:

1. Commitment. each person engaging in the process is exercising a commitment to growth and discovery. They are moving forward in their work of healing, reaching out and seeking help.


2. Surrender. By giving the ashes of their loved one for the purpose of remembrance and transformation, they are practicing both physical and emotional surrender. Building a foundation of trust, a willingness to partake in something new and alive.


3. Nurturing growth. As the month's work ensues, they journal and reflect on the key things their loved one taught them, what they choose to embody and celebrate in their own loved in their honor.


4. Purpose. With the receiving of the completed rose art, it represents a bloom of what is now realized, a reminder of their reflections, and a call to be a beacon of potential for others.


5. Connection. They will be asked to allow this art to be shared, along with their story, so that they will feel an increased sense of community, connecting back to life in a stronger sense than they had before. At the end of the 12 months, each participant will be invited to share their rose in a gallery setting, and have an opportunity to share their journey and hope in a public setting.




12 Roses over 12 months

5K/piece + 15K for closing event space rental and operation, and transportation costs for artist and participants. 75K grant requested


Transformative intention, grief awareness and healing, wellness and community outreach.


12 appropriate recipients will be selected, each one have suffered loss of a loved one and is navigating a journey of healing through grief. Each participant will have cremated remains of a loved one, to designate a portion to the creation of their ash rose. Each rose will be created in a month's time, with presentation to each recipient at the end of the month.


During the process, participant will be asked a series of questions, encouraging insight into their healing, remembering inspirational and loving memories of that loved one, therapeutic journaling to facilitate reflection and intention as artwork is created. participants will be encouraged to reflect on how sharing their experiences with others may be a key to their healing and sense of growth, purpose, and discovery.


For the end of 12 month period, each participant will be asked to present their rose in a public exhibition, so that each participant can meet each other and identify with each other's grief and healing, their communal willingness to "bloom". In a community outreach focus, members of community will be invited to attend, to view the roses, and hear what each participant has to share in light of their healing journey. It will be part talk, part gallery, as an inspiring element of closure. This will support the connection within community resources, lead to increased awareness of public/shared grieving, and offer a creative symbolism for transformation and growth through loss.


Yvonne O.

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Sandi K.

It is quite magical to see the rose and know that Patrick is part of his beloved nature, as well as a beautiful piece of art. It is a blessing beyond words, transcending the boundaries of here and now.

Tiffany G.

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