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Blurred Refraction

Messengers and Manifestations Portraits

Cremation ashes are transformed into artwork symbolizing transcendent love beyond loss


Jeanie H.

Thank you for capturing Kaycee’s essence in the most perfect way, I would never have imaged these pieces to be what you have created.
Your creative process from start to finish was remarkable and the translation of her poems so clearly portrayed in each detail.  She would have LOVED being remembered in this way.
Thank you for honoring my friend, I knew she never wanted her ashes to sit on a table, she wanted them to be released into nature across the world or through art exactly like what you’ve created.
You are a true gift to this world and to our loved ones who have passed. Wow!!
Thank you so so very much for these incredible pieces.

Tiffany G.

When he presented me with the roses it was the most beautiful and incredible gift I’ve ever received.
Ian created two wonderful roses with the  ashes of my grandmother and my sister in law.
For years they sat in boxes. I didn’t want to scatter them.
 I wasn’t ready to let them go.
I loved the idea of creating something that would give them new life and would be a positive reminder of their presence.
I placed them right in our living room where I see them every day.
Since then I feel connected to them in a way that I had not before.
I will always cherish them and I am grateful to Ian for creating something that preserves their memory and will continue their legacy for generations to come within my family.

Melissa P.

When a loved one leaves, most times they are a shell of what they once were. To have a portrait done out of their ashes gives us their true identity back.
I received this strong, tall pine tree from Ian using my brother’s ashes. 
No longer is the first thought of my brother laying in his bed sick. No longer do I see the shell of what he use to be. 
 It reminds me how strong my brother was, how much pain he was in, but how now he is completely free.
This pine tree is my brother shining through and telling me he is ok.
I look at this picture hanging on my wall, and I no longer look at death in the same way.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, that saying use to scare me. Now when I hear those words I get lifted up because it's not the end - but a new beginning for us and them.


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