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The Rose.jpg

The Ashes Rose

This rose is a symbol of hope, for growth after the pain of loss.


As you grieve, know that you are not alone.

The present time is a winter that must be nurtured, a dormant season of sorrow before the new flower of discovery may bloom.


This rose is an encouragement from those who are walking a similar path of healing.

You are seen.

Have faith that it is indeed possible to heal and to tend to your heart's journey with gentleness and patience.


As this rose abides with you, may it remind you that you are loved, that what you have "lost" is still present, though only now liberated and transformed from its more familiar state.

Love transcends all things, it is not bound by mortal form.

Be comforted, that you hold the strength within you to rise into a different light, as you witness the new manifestations of this love surrounding you.

In time you will become more aware of love's presence, as it may come to you in your deepest moments of serenity, as well as your darkest shadows of pain.


This rose is a dedication, that you may know that there are those who have walked before you and those who have been perseverant in the work it takes to cultivate such growth.

The ashes of love that have withstood the refiner's fire have brought forth this piece you now hold.

It is an offering to you, that whoever you are, that however purely you have loved, and however deeply you now suffer, there is truth within the ashes.

There is faith stronger than fear, hope brighter than despair, and perfect love waiting beyond the veil of loss.


May you rise to cultivate the glorious compassion that will surely lead others to the beauty of spring.

A Gift of Consolation

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