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Ian McCartor


I write songs inspired by the wisdom of those who have suffered loss, with the hopes of inspiring others to live life to the fullest in light of these lessons.

Working as a hospice nurse and co-facilitator for grief and bereavement therapy, we use songwriting as a way to transform grief, redirecting perspective to the creation of something beautiful.

At certain requests, I sit bedside with those who are in their final hours, offering to be an open vessel for them if they wish to share the gift of wise words before they pass. 

I also work as a visual artist, incorporating cremated ashes into portraits and artworks as a healing modality. 

Currently I'm writing a book based on the experiences of working with those at end-of-life.

I signed my recorded music to Beautiful Emergence records based out of Oahu, Hawaii to release these songs to the world, keeping those stories alive and inspiring others to celebrate their loved ones that have passed.

I often speak and perform at numerous events with a uniquely inspiring message of life and death, sharing what has been witnessed from those who have since departed, and those that remain and have healed from great loss.

If you would like to directly support this work and be a deeper part of the process, please see below to join my Patreon page.

Wheat Field

New Music Video

Starry Sky

Portraits of Remembrance

Here is were you can see examples of ashes portraits I create for those that have lost loved ones


Memorial Arts Services

If you are planning a celebration of life, memorial service, or funeral I provide a number of unique ways to memorialize your loved one.

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Ian McCartor a singer/songwriter and portrait artist who creates original Legacy Songs and hand-drawn Memorial Portraits for people with terminal illnesses and their families

Legacy Songs and Memorial Portraits



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Eyes to See the Wind

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Shadow of the Pine

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