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From Cremation to Creation

Combining art and grief counseling to create personalized portraits from cremation ashes, offering emotional healing through art.

Portrait artist and grief counselor Ian McCartor introduces a special service that uses art to help individuals cope with the loss of loved ones. Based in the Mojave Desert of California, Ian integrates cremation ashes into custom artwork, providing a thoughtful way for clients to remember and honor those they have lost.

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With an extensive background as a hospice nurse, Ian McCartor has developed a deep understanding of grief and the comfort that a personal memento can provide during challenging times. This insight led him to combine his skills in art with his experience in grief counseling, aiming to support people in their healing journeys.


His service is designed for those who hold the cremated remains of loved ones and are looking for a respectful, artistic method to commemorate them. By incorporating ashes into art pieces or portraits, Ian helps clients create a lasting memory that also supports their emotional recovery.


“This service is more than creating a piece of art,” he stated. “It’s about assisting individuals through their grief by crafting something that permanently honors the memory of their loved ones. It’s a process that many find comforting and meaningful.”


Ian aims to increase awareness about his art and counseling service to reach more people who might benefit from this kind of memorialization. The service is particularly relevant for those interested in alternative forms of therapy and individuals involved in wellness and grief counseling communities. provides an opportunity for potential clients to see examples of his work and read accounts from people who have found solace and healing through their personalized art pieces. The website encourages visitors to contact Ian directly to discuss how his service might help them in their grieving process.


The effectiveness of this work is reflected in the experiences of individuals who have used his services. Yvonne O., who commissioned a memorial portrait, remarked, “I was deeply moved. Seeing my son remembered in such a unique and thoughtful way was incredibly meaningful. Ian’s ability to connect art with healing is truly appreciated.”


He invites those interested in exploring this artistic approach to coping with loss to reach out. “I am here to offer my service to anyone seeking a unique way to remember their loved ones while finding a path through their grief,” Ian explained. “It’s a privilege to assist others in finding peace and purpose during the most life changing chapters of their lives.”


Visit the official website for any media or personal inquiries.

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